About Shanti Village

We are a health company that was founded by the search of one woman towards better health: Ela Gold originally founded Shanti Village as a health resource, written from her own experiences in the search for better health.
Ela was born with IDD and struggled all her life to find solutions. She realized early that Western Medicine did not have the answers and through many trials and tribulations found what worked for her. In 1998 she started this website with only a few pages of her experiences and got so many enquiries for help from other people who also struggled with chronic fatigue, inflammation, toxicity, parasites etc. that she expanded her website to make it a true self-help compendium.

We hope that you find our websites of value and encourage you to try these tested methods. They certainly can't hurt, and might just be the one thing that brings you closer to perfect health.

Remember: 'The only healer that can heal you is "YOU".'

Your Shanti Village Team