Alternative bad bacteria removal program for elimination of toxic bacteria, stomach and salmonella infections, food poisoning etc.

bad BacteriaGassiness, bloating and pain in the bowel and abdomen are often caused by the wrong kind of Bacteria in the system. Antibiotics are not always successful as many harmful bacteria become resistant. However, this bad bacteria needs to be eliminated.

This bacteria killing program has been developed by Dr Hulda Clark and is excellent for food poisoning as well. It is really simple and in only 2 weeks you might enjoy already improved energy levels. Buy Bacteria cleanse products which comes with instructions.

Bacterial infections

Many diseases are caused by harmful bacteria which has entered the body and multiplied to fast for our immune system to destroy it. Many types of bacteria also release powerful poisons, these toxins damage tissue quite rapidly. Historically diseases caused by bad bacteria were a major cause of illness which resulted in death. These days antibiotics are used in treating the most severe cases. However minor cases as we described must be attended to lest they get out of hand.

It is well known that bacterial infections affect many areas of the body at the same time. The most serious septicaemia, which can arise from almost any bacterium in the body. Other bacterial infections such as tuberculosis, pneumonia or meningitis can cause serious damage to specific organs.

Bacteria and the skinharmful bacteria

Smaller bacterial infections such as skin infections or boils must be treated effectively as well. There is no telling which of the bad bacterium will get out of control, they are all dangerous and have the potential to develop into Septicaemia. This is a potentially fatal condition. The bacteria which multiply quickly in the bloodstream gain entry a few at a time, through cuts in the skin or through the gums during dental hygiene. The immune system usually destroys this bad bacteria and unless bacteria enters the bloodstream in large numbers from a major source of infection, like the kidney. Blood poisoning can be avoided

High fever, chills, shivering and pain are symptoms of septicaemia and develop suddenly in a patient. Some times the patient enters a condition called septic shock where fainting spells, cold hands and feet and pale skin are symptoms. Many times the patient will become delirious and loose consciousness, exhibiting rapid shallow breathing.
Septicaemia is a serious condition and it may require that the patient is admitted to hospital for treatment. Once the bacteria has been identified through blood tests a specific regime of antibiotic can be used to provide prompt and effective recovery.

Other bacterial infections can cause great intestinal discomfort like salmonella and shigella. You should treat all bacterial infections as potentially serious and use this simple but effective bad bacteria killing program as way of getting rid of harmful bacteria in the digestive system. Buy Bacteria cleanse products which comes with instructions.

What else you can do to get rid of bad bacteria problems:

First of all improving cleanliness and sanitation is a must. Spray bottles are cheap to buy and one can be dedicated to be used as a sanitizer after bathroom use and before eating. A solution of water and grain alcohol 50/50 will be perfect for this use.second the use of enzyme tablets with meals to assist digestion is a positive step as long as they are used as directed. Prolonged use is not recommended.

Use colloidal silver you can make it yourself.

Drink a cup of hot water with lemon juice upon rising in the morning
Many of those who are suffering because of constipation need to try an oxygen cleanser for a while.
Or try Cascara sagrada capsules: 1 capsule per day (more if necessary).
Or Senna tea leaves: Boil 1 tbs. senna leaves and 1/2 tsp. mint leaves in 1/2 litre water. Add a dash of vitamin C and brown sugar to taste. Sip through the day to avoid ‘belly-ache’.
Or Prune Juice: 500ml to 1ltr a day.

Change your diet to include more light fibre's like raw salads.

Avoid Stress!

Check your zinc levels, if you are deficient find out what foods are helpful or take a supplement until levels are up again.