Hydrogen Peroxide – 35% Certified Food Grade - Undiluted

Hydrogen peroxide was recognized as far back as 1836 as a naturally occurring substance existing throughout our atmosphere. Due to the atmospheric saturation of widespread pollution it now exists to a much lesser degree. Science attests that the hydrogen peroxide in the atmosphere combines with the sulphur dioxide pollution we put into the air to form sulphuric acid.

It is simply water with an extra oxygen molecule (H202) and breaks down into oxygen and water.  H202 is produced by both animal and plant cells and is formed naturally in the environment by sunlight acting on water.

  • * Certified Food Grade
  • * Made in Australia
  • * Must be diluted to 3% prior to use
  • * Comes with basic instructions
  • * Australia Wide Delivery
  • * Can not ship overseas

Note:  While we are unable to endorse any therapies or make any claims involving the use of Hydrogen Peroxide 35% Food Grade in Australia, due to TGA & Health Department we advise you to do your own research.

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Hydrogen Peroxide