Skin cleansing and skin brushing is essential for eliminating pesticides and other toxins and environmental chemicals.

skin cleansingWe are all in search of beautiful radiant skin. But the real question is, are we born with it or is it something we can attain? The good news is that you can get beautiful skin. However as in all aspects of life anything that’s worth having takes a commitment.
Your skin is your body’s first defence against infection, toxins and disease as well as protecting internal organs from injuries. The skin is the largest organ in the body and helps your body remove excess water, toxins and salt, prevents excess fluid loss, helps regulate body temperature.
The way our skin ages is very much dependant on our genes and on many environmental factors such as diet, water intake and sun exposure.

These factors influence the rate at which cells are renewed and replaced as well as the production and quality of collagen and elastin affecting skin shape and suppleness.

Things you can do for your skin

You want to feed the skin form the inside and out. The body requires adequate levels of vitamin c and zinc to build foundational proteins, collagen and elastin. Antioxidants such as Proancynol protect cells form the damaging effects of free radicals which accelerate the aging process.

It is just as important to take care of the skins external health, as much of the aging process can occur due to moisture loss and toxins. A  good organic moisturizers with natural sun protection is an ideal way to protect, seal and hydrate the skin. Daily body brushing or dry skin brushing will keep the pores breathing.

Causes of clogged skin pores

If the cells in the deeper layers of the skin renew and penetrate to the outside, the top layers of skin dye. The only exception is the skin surrounding the eyeball, which is constantly kept moist.
There are a number of natural or artificial causes that are stressful for the skin and harmful:

  • Constantly dying cells from under and on the skin.
  • lack of Resilience
  • lack of exercise
  • Use of too thick and impermeable clothes
  • Oils and powders clog the skin pores
  • too little natural or conscious cleaning

In such circumstances, skin loses its healthy color and elasticity. It becomes wilted and limp.

Without constant and regular skin cleansing through body brushing we run the risk to capture the waste products of the body in the skin. Therefore, the pores should be cleaned and re-opened through frequent washing.
The dry brush massage is an excellent way to remove the upper cell layers of dead skin and improve its circulation considerably through vigorous rubbing/brushing.

Stimulation of the skin in human nature
However it is important not only to clean the skin pores, but to also send touch and tactile stimulation of the skin. This has nerve and function stimulating effects of various kinds.
In primitive man, the skin was constantly brushed by shrubs, branches and long grass on his daily activities of roaming and foraging - and even the wind made sure that the dead cells were removed from the skin surface consistently.
Where these natural cleansing processes can no longer take place, it should be replaced by body dry brushing the skin.
Inner electricity through brushing and movement
In human or animal body Electricity and Magnetism is produced in cells, muscles, tissues and organs through movement, friction, pressure and pull. Any physical movement, pressure and pull - including a vigorous brushing - create such an energising effect (especially in the spleen) .
Therefore many billions of cells on and under the skin act as a local decentralized electricity generator through friction and movement of all muscles while brushing. which through movement, pressure and pull produce friction electricity like dynamos  - depending on the amount of movement or pressure!
This internally generated electricity and magnetism complements the electricity and magnetism, which is supplied from the outside through sunlight energy.
Both the self-generated, as well as the sun activated electricity, strengthen and regenerate the cells, tissues, organs and muscles.
This electrifying effect of the brush massage is probably the most important part of disease prevention, and treatment of dry and wet brushing!
When you are sleeping naked you’re giving the skin the ability to work several hours a day without hindrance, but it is more effective to regularly dry brush the skin vigorously.

Dry body brush Technique

The best results are achieved when the skin is dry, not wet or sweaty.
The first four or five sessions, you should lightly brush over the entire skin surface, later you can brush stronger.
The brush is guided with steady firm pressure and long and large strokes slowly - depending on skin sensitivity - out from the periphery to the heart.
Each brush stroke should be repeated three to five times. Especially beneficial is to complete the dry brush massage with gentle hand stroking.
In the first few days you begin the massage slowly at individual body parts, gradually moving to a full body massage, while steadily increasing the amount of time.
Start dry skin brushing using circular movements and brushing towards the heart in the periphery either in the legs or arms and then continue across chest, stomach and back.
Use circular strokes in the area of ​​the chest or abdomen. It used to be argued to only use horizontal strokes towards the heart in the chest area. According to the latest knowledge you can also use circular strokes.
For brushing the back you need the assistance of a partner or have a long handled brush.
You need about 10 minutes to complete Dry brushing for the whole body.
Complement dry brushing with alternating showers
The dry brush massage should be used as a cardiovascular exercise in the morning along with a alternating hot and cold shower.
For the face you a special face brush with gentle circular motion.

Different Brushes
There are a variety of brushes that can be used for body brushing.
You can purchase brushes with a long handle, they often have harder bristles. For a softer variation you can even use a dog brush available from pet shops. It doesn’t really matter if you choose natural material or softer fibre.
The loofah mitt or a rough towel are not strong enough for whole body brushing.

Dry body brushing benefits

When dry brushing should not be done
People with rashes, purulent skin infections, suspected infectious diseases, with varicose veins, phlebitis should refrain from body brushing.
People with acne or other facial skin irritations shouldn’t use a face brush but only a face cloth to clean the skin.
Dry brushing is not recommended with fresh injuries, ligament and muscle tears and bruises.

Dry body brushing benefits

Dry brushing is particularly necessary and helpful, if performance and well-being are compromised through muscle tension or circulatory disorders of the skin.
A regular, daily dry and / or web brushing can:

  • remove dead cell layers of the skin
  • purify and open the pores. This allows the skin to fulfil its function as the primary metabolic and excretory organ better.
  • significantly improve the blood circulation causing a toasty-warm feeling, making life happie!
  • increase blood flow and gets back a fresh healthy look.
  • stimulate the blood circulation
  • increase the voltage in skin cells and underlying tissues and organs that are connected through reflexology.
  • give new life to tissues and nerves
  • have rejuvenating and health retaining effects.
  • have a invigorating and refreshing effects on the entire organism, enhance performance and leads to physical and psychological well-being.
  • keep the body healthy.

What to use for Skin cleansing and what not to use

Using other skin cleansing products like body scrubs and facial cleansers is also great, but only if truly natural and organic! Some good companies are Akin, Onegroup, Neways and Sanctum.
When you are cleansing your skin, you want to make sure that you only use the best organic natural ingredients possible.

Some of the most common chemical culprits in your Bathroom

Over 884 chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products are deemed to be toxic in varying degrees. Here are the most common ones:

  • Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • Ethylene glycol
  • Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA)
  • Aluminium
  • Sodium Fluoride
  • Diethanolamine DEA, Cocamide DEA, Lauramide DEA
  • Butane
  • Collagen
  • Dioxin
  • Formaldehyde
  • Lanolin
  • Mineral oil
  • Petrolatum
  • Talc

If you would like to find out more about “derived from” and “semi-natural” ingredients read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). MSDSs are a summary of important information on chemical substances regarding hazard identification, product information, first-aid measures, precautions and exposure limits when using the ingredient.