Internal Cleansing and detox of the whole body

internal cleansing and whole body detox

Detox the 'not so new' solution to health.

What companies that sell detox products or books donít want us to know, is that 'how to detox your body' is the same for all human beings.

Natural detoxification comes through the colon, the lymphatic system, the skin and the urinary tract. Natural cellular defence is not a patented product, but a function of our bodies, we all detox via the same basic processes.

Your health practitioner can target the detox of specific organs via a certain method of detox chosen. A liver detox is done different to a kidney detox, but ultimately detoxing is the same. So it is important to follow an order of detoxing that makes sense according to your current state of health. To buy the best detox products and detox kits go to the Wellbeing Marketplace

So where do I start with Detox?

Always, start with a colon cleanse. It is vitally important to start by cleansing the colon before moving to other integral organs in the body. This is because your liver gall bladder and kidneys purge toxins into the colon during the detoxification process. If these toxins can not get out due to a clogged up intestinal tract, toxins will build up which can lead to a rather unpleasant detox experience.

There are numerous fibre products available these days for the gentle approach and the best ones have herbs and other elements that target parasites and promote good bowel health. For those with more experience at detoxing, colon hydrotherapy is a valuable tool that gets big results fast.

Once your colon has been cleansed you may be surprised to find out that the liver cleansing diet is not necessary. This is because when your colon is moving the toxins out more readily there is less work for the liver to do. This in turn allows your liver to function at a higher rate. A complete colon cleanse can promote the wellbeing of your lymphatic system, liver, gallbladder and kidneys.

How to detox your body, is it different for everyone?

An experienced health practitioner can offer you many advantages, but ultimately you know your body best. Some patients merely need to drink water for several days to completely clean their system of toxins and another person would need bowel cleansing and lymphatic drainage exercises to achieve the same results.

There is only one expert that can answer the question of what is the right detox for you and that is you! You are the only expert on what is right for you. This expertise comes from research, trial and experience.

After all, detox is a life long pursuit. It is something we do more frequently as we get older and once we start down this path, we tend to detox more frequently. So start off slowly. Donít jump into an unsupervised 14 day lemon juice fast as your 1st detox program, you are only asking for trouble and you could cause irreparable damage to your body.

Should I undertake a detox program?

The easy answer is YES, everyone has been exposed to environmental toxins and the body always welcomes purging toxins from the system. Remember we detox naturally as part of our bodily functions. The question is how well is our natural detoxification system working, what is my level of toxicity and do I need to assist my body with this process?

Below is a list of symptoms that relate to toxic build up. The more of these symptoms that you have, the more you are in need of a detox.

  • Low energy
  • Lethargic
  • Lack of focus
  • Prone to colds and flu
  • Breath & body odour
  • Congestion
  • Sinus allergies
  • Gas, bloating, indigestion
  • Black circles under eyes
  • Puffy skin
  • Skin irritations
  • Constipation
  • Dehydration
  • Poor diet

Fasting and other detoxification programs

Fasting is a great way to make big steps in detoxification and for the experienced person, a fasting regime can provide the most benefits. We have a complete list of fasts that are proven and ones that I have done myself. Many people do extremely well on fasts, but they are not recommended for everyone. Which brings us back to you knowing what is best for you.

For many fasting is not an option and detox programs which allow you to eat while detoxing are becoming more popular. Many liver programs require that you eat specific foods in specific portions. Therefore it is important that you eat foods that are recommended because of their support for the bodyís toxin removal process.

Everyone knows that lemon juice is a diuretic and that french fries with ketchup and fried chicken are not part of a healthy eating regime. So be smart about food when you want to detox and eat, greens, whole grains, nuts fruit and veg, moreover eat raw foods when detoxing.

Feeling ill when detoxing.

Not enough can be said about feeling ill when you are conducting a detox program or fasting. You see most people who suffer detox side effects or illness from detox, do so because of their body can not get rid of the toxins fast enough. In the simplest terms this feeling of un-wellness is due to the level of toxins in your system that you have told your body to purge.

The number one contributing factor that limits your bodyís natural detox engine from functioning is a clogged up waste system. We have all suffered from constipation. Often the bad bugs out number the good ones, we have parasites or diverticulitis, the list is long, but suffice to say, if the colon is not working well, toxins can not travel out of your body.

When we detox our liver, kidney and gallbladder are all purging at once and our waste system can not cope. Detoxing too heavily can damage your body. This is why a slow methodical approach, starting with a colon cleanse is best.

Drinking as much water as you possibly can is truly the key, as this water will help carry out the toxins. If you become really sick you have to break the fast or the purge. For example, if you are doing a master cleanse stop the lemon drinks and drink some juice or have a broth. If fasting eat a piece of water melon or papaya to slow down the detox.

Bottom line when you feel sick your detox is working. This illness or sick feeling is directly related to the level of toxins trying to get out of your body.

Colon Hydrotherapy

One of the time honoured ways of removing this toxic build up is through colon hydrotherapy. Humanity has been doing this since the beginning of time. Colonics and enemas are a great way to move out the toxins much quicker and a small two litre enema bag can be used quite effectively during detox programs to relieve toxic build up in the colon.

Many people use professionals for colonic irrigation or Colema boards during fasting programs which target toxin removal. These systems allow much more fluid to enter the colon than an enema and thereby have a greater affect in flushing out toxins. Coffee is often used in conjunction with apple cider vinegar to clean the intestinal walls and promote liver function. There are many methods for colonic irrigation and for the beginner it is probably best to start with a 2 litre enema bag to teach your body how to release before moving on to a Colema board.

Last but not least

Finally and this is probably the most important thing to remember about detoxification programs of any kind. When you Detox take time off of work, rest, sleep, get other health treatments, pamper yourself and not be in a hurry to do anything. So many people buy the latest Detox book and start their Detox while still working in stressful situations. Anxiety, stress, responsibilities all add up to holding on not letting go which is at the core of any detoxification program.