Castor Oil pack, helpful for detoxing and to relief pain.

Castor OilCastor Oil is made from the castor oil plant, that grows 3-5 meter in height, except in colder environments where it just grows to shrub size.

Various countries have used the castor bean (ricinus communis) for all sorts of ailments over the last few centuries. From bronchitis to healting infectious skin diseases. Buy certified organic cold pressed Palma Christi Castor Oil now

How a Castor Oil Pack works

The castor oil pack is a warm pack generally used for releasing mucus congestion of the lungs and bowel, alleviating muscle tension, spasms and cramping and colicky pain of the internal organs. This warm pack increases circulation to the area which relaxes the muscles, allowing toxicity and congestion to disperse.
Absorption of castor oil through the skin into the lymph system soften and disperses congestion and tension and slowly helps release blockages. If placed over the liver area it will stimulate liver function and ease pain and spasms associated with gall stones.
During the initial stages of detoxification circulating toxins will often lodge in muscle tissue causing contraction, stiffness and pain particularly around the shoulder/neck area. Muscles also contact over local areas of inflammation. Additionally colicky pains may be felt in the liver particularly if you suffer from gall stones or a fatty liver. The castor oi pack will be invaluable for releasing tension an spasm and can also be helpful for menstrual pain.

Uses of Castor Oil Packs

There are many uses of Castor Oil Packs, here are just a few:

What you need for a pack

Take three flannelette cotton cloth of the area to be covered and a piece of plastic of the same size.
A Hot water bottle.
A 'disposable Castor Oil Pack'. It is thin material with plastic at the back.
Or you can use old sheets or gauze.
Castor oil will stain bedding and clothing.

How to do a Castor Oil Pack

Spread a generous layer of castor oil over the cloth.

Put it castor oil side down onto the body and cover with plastic. Secure it with a wide badage or towel.

Place a heated pad or hot water bottle over it.

Leave for at least 1 ½ hours. Longer is better.

Repeat this process for three days and massage the area with olive oil.  You can do this longer of course.

Pay attention to your thoughts, feelings and images that arise during the treatment. You can write them in a journal.


Don't take Castor oil internally, unless 100% organic.

Avoid putting it on broken skin.

Do not use it during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

Packs should not be used during menstrual flow.

Other Castor oil uses

For warts, moles, ingrown toenails and calluses
Mix the castor oil with a little bit of banking soda, just enough so it feels like gum. Put this onto the affected area and cover with a bandaid. If it gives you any irritation, just have a break for a day and than start again until it is gone.

For chronic Gallstones and Kidney stones
Massage some castor oil in the affected area. Than place a towel soaked in a hot ginger decoction over the area. Cover it with a thick towel and a blanket. You want to keep it warm for at least one hour. You could also use a hot water bottle on top. It can feel slightly burning when you start, but this should dissapear within minutes. It's a good sign!

Start off doing it as often as you can, 2x a day would be great. Over time your gallbladder and liver or kidneys will get stronger.