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"I must say, it felt like a blessing that you were sent out to speak with me today. My focus will be on remaining strong and positive to overcome whatever the hell I'm going through. I want to thank you for everything today, your time and call was very precious to me." Jim K., NSW Australia

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. This site was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!” Silke Handke, Germany

"Thanks a lot for taking time to answer my question. Looking at your website I think your are deeply involved in the alternative health therapies. It is great to see that. YOU are right. I must consult Ayurvedic doctor." Kamlesh C, Australia

"Just to say thanks for all your well done work and advances to heal my body" Mareo, London

"Thanks for your reply and your list of questions to ask and suggestions. They are very helpful. Thanks," Julia, Australia

"Thanks for your prompt reply. All the information you provided was helpful, I very much appreciate it." Sidika P., Australia

"Hi ...I'm progressing nicely with the products you recommended, Thanks for your help." Carol, Australia

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"I'm delighted to hear from you. Please keep me on your email list and if you put out a newsletter please include me on it as well. " Solomon V., Australia

"Thank you kindly for finding the time to answer me and your advice." Ana, Australia

"Thankyou SOOOOO much for replying to me. I really thank you for helping me with this complicated issue! You're so nice." Lesley T., Modbury

"Thank you for responding to my email, I think you summed up the best of all the treatments that I have been reading about and using. Thanks for caring" Nick F., Australia

"Thank you for replying and for taking the time to have looked at the information.
I acknowlege and appreciate your viewpoint and I congratulate you on the work that you do, it is people like you in the world that make a positive difference."
Gerri, QLD

"Thank you very much! You are very helpful." Alexandra L.K., Netherland

"Thank you so much for the care and effort. Let me follow your suggestion." Bhanu T., Sydney

"Thanks for the newsletter and your great website! I am a long-time sufferer of the dreaded candida and have found the information contained on your site of great value! I am now eating coconut oil, washing with coconut soap and rubbing the oil all over moi! I must say, it is having a positive effect already!" Wangmo W., Australia

"Hi, I am terrific. I am taking 1 capsule of the Flora daily. Although I have not seen any physical signs from taking it, I can say that my general immune system must have been boosted. While everyone around me has fallen sick recently, I have been fine. Maybe the effect is the internal protection !" William L, Sydney

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