AIM Herbal Fiberblend is an anti parasite colon cleanser with herbal fiber that works.

AIM Herbal Fiberblend colon cleanser with herbal fiberEveryone knows that cleansing our bodies of waste and toxins is necessary for good health. Our colon works along with other organs to eliminate any unwanted organisms and filter out the good from the bad.  Sadly, we do not always get the right balance of food and nutrients to maintain a healthy balance in our digestive system. So Aim has formulated a herbal fiber supplement colon cleanser to assist this process.

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Why should I do a colon cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend?

Many ailments have been linked to an unhealthy colon.
Many people in modern times have too many responsibilities and their healthy eating and exercise regimes suffer because of the time spent meeting obligations. We can be as positive as we like, but ultimately if our colon does not process the waste, we become toxic. It is a medical fact that when your colon is backed up it puts a strain on your other organs. This means your liver is working harder, your kidneys, your heart, your gallbladder. The list is endless, headaches, sore stomach, constipation all come at a cost to our well being. The effects of a clogged colon, will affect you in more ways than you could ever imagine.

The way fiber colon cleanse supplements work
Our colons were designed to process waste and digested foods pass through the colon freely by a series of contractions. Years of passing waste through the system creates layers of mucoid plaque which line our intestinal walls and reduce our ability to pass the waste through easily. This in turn distends our colon and often creates pockets called diverticulae where waste is trapped and festers.

Herbal fiber supplements and colon cleansing products contain a mixture of herbs and colon cleansing fiber which reduces transit times for digested foods. It cleanses the colon walls and removes unwanted festering toxins in the intestinal tract. The herbs kill the bad bugs and promote the health of good ones which ultimately increase the regularity of bowel movements.

How to use AIM Herbal Fiberblend

Natural Processes

Our bodies have natural cycles which until recent times have been linked to the seasons. In the past, people would eat more comforting food in winter to chase away the cold and when the stone fruit came into season in the spring our bodies would naturally use this fruit to cleanse our colons through increased evacuation. Fresh vegetables throughout the summer would provide more fiber which would assist in transit times and create a feeling of well being. In today’s society our supermarkets provide us with anything and everything, all the time. We can get cherries year round. Fruits and vegetables are no longer seasonal and the result is confused messages to our bodies.

To counter act these confused messages AIM has developed an intestinal cleanser called Herbal Fiberblend. The product is easy on your system and the use of all natural products in their exclusive mixture means that your body is not being chemically or artificially stimulated.

How to use Herbal Fiberblend for colon cleansing

A slow but steady 3 month cleanse of the colon provides the best results. With an equally as long break.  After all it did not get clogged up quickly, so we can not expect it to be cleansed quickly. My personal preference is Spring and Autumn but many people prefer Summer and Winter. For me this is because spring is a natural time for the body to Detox and assistance from herbal colon cleansers is a value added benefit. The fall is a an easier time, because of the availability of good fibrous fruits and vegetables, combined with high activity during summer months. This means the body is under less stress as it approaches the Winter months. For many others Summer is chosen because of the value added benefit of fresh fruits and veg which in some cases expedite the detoxifying process and Winter because of the increased energy that comes with a clear colon. Either way is good and in fact, anytime is good to start a cleanse of the colon. It simply does a body good.

By using two teaspoons of AIM’s Herbal Fiberblend each day you will slowly and steadily increase regularity and clean out your colon in a gentle but  effective way. A complete guide and FAQ is provided free with the purchase of AIM Herbal Fiberblend.

What is in AIM Herbal Fibreblend

A natural colon cleanse requires natural products that assist natural functions. Aim has specifically chosen items that either help to eliminate un wanted agents like parasites or assist natural functions. There are many functions that determine the effectiveness of a healthy colon, like the lubrication of the colon or assistance in peristaltic actions necessary for bowel movements. The need for anti inflammatories for comfort or the soothing of stomach cramps. Each herb has been chosen for its specific properties and function. A complete guide to the herbs and other ingredients can be obtained by following this link.

Finally, there are no habit forming ingredients used in AIM’s Herbal Fiberblend. However it is advisable to increase fibre intake in your diet after a 3 month program of intestinal cleansing. This is  because the body has become accustomed to the additional fiber and its assistive qualities to transit times in bowel movements. If you feel that this is too difficult you can use a mild herbal fiber product called Fit'n Fiber to keep up the extra fiber in your diet.

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