Electro Magnetic Radiation EMR and Electromagnetic Frequencys EMF are dangerous for your health

electro magnetic radiationModern technology is not possible without electrical power and high-frequency electromagnetic radiation.
A range of facilities have been created for the production and distribution of electrical energy. Power plants, substations and transformer stations, high and medium voltage cables, high-performance power cable.
This low-frequency power which generates our power supply creates electric and magnetic fields and thus forms a substantial part of the electromagnetic pollution. The powerlines in our walls create an electromagnetic box which is substantial even without using your appliances.

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Effects of EMR and Mobile Phone Radiation

When all of our electrical equipment is running at once the electromagnetic pollution is massive. 
It gets worse, there are electromagnetic waves created by mobile communications, radio and television, radar, military surveillance, data transmissions, radio transmitters and the list goes on.
There is simply no way to avoid electromagnetic pollution and the future which has just embarked on wireless communications has put countless satellites into space which beam high frequencies down upon us. Lest we forget to mention the innocuous cordless house phone which radiates pulsed microwaves around the clock in surrounding homes and buildings - even when the phone is not in use.

These developments mean that we are all constantly exposed to a level of electromagnetic pollution that we have not experienced in this intensity, at any time in history. The danger of this new type of pollution is detrimental to our body's own information systems which use natural electromagnetic signals - but at a million times weaker energy level!
Sadly, damage from biological interference can only be diagnosed after lengthy exposure to the contaminant radiation. The problem with diagnosing the effects of electromagnetic pollution is the same problem that occurs in every other field of medicine or science. That is that each person is different and reacts differently to the occurring electromagnetic loads. The duration of exposure to electromagnetic pollution in some cases has been shown to create problems in the regulatory processes and affect the temporal structure.
Medical research has shown the world that even weak electric and electromagnetic fields have biological effects. Therefore, we must consider that these other sources are affecting us. Of course this is dependant on the intensity and duration of the occurring frequencies and modulations and the resulting combined effects.

Currently, the human-induced "electromagnetic pollution" is considered to be a significant threat to public health which we do not know enough about yet. These non-ionising electromagnetic pollution particles or waves of technical origin are particularly insidious, as they are beyond the recognition of our senses - a circumstance that favours a more carefree approach in relation to our own protection.
Electromagnetic pollution consists of the following 5 areas of radiation:
■ Alternating electric fields (low frequency)
■ Magnetic fields (low frequency)
■ Electromagnetic waves (high frequency)
■ Electrical dc fields (electrostatics)
■ Magnetic DC fields (magnetostatic)

Facts about Cell Phone usage

1. Some studies suggest that sperm count could be reduced by up to 30% if men carry their mobile phone near the groin on a regular basis.

2. In Japan, they have signs on the trains suggesting not use cell phones near handicapped or elderly while travelling on the train.

3. The UK Chief Medical Officers strongly advise, in the case of people under the age of 16, to keep all calls on mobile phones short.

4. Some insurance companies now refuse to insure power generating companies and cell phone companies against damage to consumers’ health

5. Since 2004, there have been 2 compensation lawsuits 7 class actions filled against manufacturers of wireless equipment .

6. Read your mobile phoe companies fine print in your contract -- some will ask you to agree not to sue or partake in a class action against the company.

7. Some studies suggest that if you are talking over 501 minutes per month on a cell phone your chances of brain cancer increase by 140%. And more if you talk longer.
Source: Early Hardell studies, Second State of the Science Colloquium, Wire Technology 8. About 40,000 to 60,000 cases of eye and brain cancer are attributed each year to Cell Phone usage worldwide.

How can you protect yourself from Electromagnetic Radiation?

So what do we do? Playing it safe is the first thing that comes to mind, but how?
Dealing with this issue is difficult. Probably because the rational basis of this environmental phenomenon is difficult to recognise as we cannot hear, feel or smell radiation, further science is largely uncertain about the effects of non-ionising radiation on health.
One proven area is the impact of mobile telephony on human blood. Researchers found that during conventional mobile phone calls, blood cells lose their polarization, because of the abrupt change of the magnetic fields.
If the platelets are not correctly polarized, they cannot penetrate into a body cell. The cell cannot be adequately supplied with vital oxygen and energy. If, however, on the phone is protected with a phone chip, it does not come to such a polarization, the blood does not change
In case of heavy exposure to radiation, the damaging effects are indeed proven and recognized. In contrast, with low emissions, the picture is less clear. Although there are biological effects demonstrated in the laboratory scientists are still arguing about how they affect us in the atmosphere. Whether they are harmful or not doesn’t seem to be the issue at the core of new research, in fact new ways to bombard us have taken the front seat over safety.
Our advice, protect yourself. A policeman who wears a bullet proof vest does not go to work expecting to get shot in the line of duty, but he protects himself anyway. The risks associated with the potential harm when it comes to radiation are to great to ignore. Play it safe.

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