Important cleansing preparation, the PH test with PH Stix tells you your Ph levels.

ph testIt is very important to establish the acid - alkaline level via a Ph test in your body. The PH changes at different times of the day and depends to a large amount on the foods and drinks you consume. This is not to be confused with the PH of your blood, which basically never changes and if it does, it's usually bad news. Buy PH test stix that are easy to read

About your PH

An acidic environment is a breeding ground for many chronic disease and illnesses and may cause fatigue.
This balance is essential for wellbeing as it facilitates the proper functioning of all body processes including bone mineralisation, muscle function, nerve transmission, cardiac rhythm, renal function, liver detoxification and the elimination of carbon dioxide.

The body will attempt to clear acidity by increasing its elimination through the kidneys, colon, skin, sinuses and other mucus membranes.

The main factors that influence the body’s acid-alkaline balance include:
Food choices – all foods and drinks have the potential to influence Ph levels and may be categorised as having an alkaline-forming, acid-forming or neutral impact on the body.
Stress – cortisol is a hormone that is released during stressful situations, altering kidney function and increasing the body’s acidity.
Intense physical activity – overexertion causes the rate of conversion and utilization of stored cell energy to increase. Without the ability to replenish this energy the body breaks down muscle tissue to fuel its cellular activity. Increased breakdown of muscle tissue alters the body’s Ph balance to  a more acid state.
Emotions – anger, fear, worry and jealousy are all healthy feelings, but when they remain unresolved they cause the body’s acid level to increase. Negative moods and emotions alter the digestive ability of the small intestine where all minerals are absorbed. Adequate mineral supplementation is needed to improve the body’s alkalinity.

Measuring your Ph levels

The human body operates a complex array of 'buffer systems' that are designed to maintain a constant level of acidity and alkalinity. The term 'buffering' means to borrow minerals from organs and bones in order to neutralise any increase in acidity.

When acid levels begin to increase the body becomes less capable of excreting acid. To prevent damage these acids must be stored or buffered. When they are stored they can lead to gout and arthritis.

There are two main testing methods that can used to evaluate the body’s PH levels:
Urine Ph levels can indicate if the body is assimilating minerals well. Sodium, potassium calcium and magnesium, are known as acid buffers because the body uses them to help control acid levels. Healthy urinary Ph levels usually fluctuate between 6-6.5 in the morning and 6.4-7.2 in the evening.
Salvia Ph levels can indicate the activity of digestive enzymes. The salivary Ph reading represents how the enzymes flow through the body. Optimal salivary Ph is between 6.8 and 7.0.

Slight fluctuations in salvia and urine Ph might be noticed throughout the day which is normal, as we are changing the type of food and level of activity.

Download the three-part pH test instructions here for free. By doing this test and calculating ph levels, you will see if you have any electrolyte deficiency and thereby help to avoid harmful cleansing symptoms as well as getting a better outcome from your cleanse. You can do a cleanse even if you don't pass the test, just make sure that you supplement with a good electrolyte supplement before or even during the cleansing process.

Buy PH test stix that are easy to read

Problems caused by an acid Ph level

The body’s structure and physiology begins to alter when it remains in an acidic state for a prolonged period:  detrimental cellular changes occur, free radical damage takes place and degeneration begins.

Conditions commonly associated with a acid ph levels include:

  • Fatigue
  • inflammation
  • anxiety and depression
  • digestive dysfunction
  • hormonal imbalances
  • bone and joint problems
  • muscle problems
  • and more serious health conditions
It is said that no kind of illness can prevail in an alkaline body.

What you can do to improve your Ph levels

Acid Ph levels can be altered by incorporating alkalising foods into the diet. Highly nutritious foods will boost mineral levels, allowing regulation of the Ph balance.  Best are green grasses like Barley Grass and Wheatgrass or Alfalfa. Try to aim for 80% alkalising foods. Avoid all acidic foods.

Choosing light exercise like yoga, walking, low to medium outdoor aerobic exercise, the yoga swing exercises or rebounding, are all alkalising.

Eliminating stressors (physical, environmental, mental or emotional) can shift the body to  a more alkaline state.

Supplementing with a good electrolyte like PeakEndurance and Calcium like CalciAIM, one of the most alkalising minerals available.

Minimise alcohol and soft drinks. In addition to their naturally acidic composition, these drinks deplete the body of alkalising nutrients, thereby amplifying the acidic effect they exert on the body.

Limit fluid intake at meal times. Drinking with a meal can dilute the stomach’s level of hydrochloric acid, which can slow the digestive process and impair nutrient absorption. Except for drinking a small amount of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar in warm water just before a meal, as each have the unique abilities to fortify the hydrochloric acid level and alkalise the body’s tissues.