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The word detox is not really new, humanity has been detoxing or cleansing as long as we have lived on planet earth. The word detox has now become main stream in our culture. Still people do not know where to start with internal cleansing and are overwhelmed by the choices available. In our experience the first step is a colon cleanse, followed by a kidney cleanse and parasite cleanse, after which you can do a liver cleanse. All other cleanses can be worked around these basic detox regimen. Doing a heavy metal and environmental toxins cleanse should be without question a daily task, just like skin cleansing and brushing our teeth.

The old stigma of drug and alcohol detox is no longer valid, everyone seems to know that the body needs to purge environmental toxins and everyone is looking for new ways to cleanse. Everyone it seems, is an expert on detox these days and there is so much information about, how to cleanse, should you cleanse, ways to restore, cleansing formulas, purge recipes, about how to sanitize, purify, expurgate and the list goes on and on.

Many internet sites make some very grand claims, that often result in the purchase of some specific internal cleansing products. All under the proviso that if you rid yourself of toxins you will be transformed into a healthy happy individual.
We have to agree, this is absolutely true! If you remove toxins from your body, you will be much happier and healthier. The important question is which cleansing technique is for you? What is the right way to cleanse and purge? These questions often have generic product focused answers and in real terms the answer is not an easy one.

We believe that "Happiness from Within" is the solution to most problems. All that it takes is some awareness about your health and the smallest amount of discipline. So it is in this spirit, that we have created this website, to assist people in gaining awareness about specific cleansing programs which include parasite removal, liver flush, colon cleansing, kidney cleansing, bacteria elimination, lymphatic detox, blood detoxification, environmental toxin removal and skin cleansing, and the specific ailments that these regimes target. This way you can make an informed choice about what you want to do to improve your health.

If you are experienced in internal cleansing, then you will find some good advanced information on this site. For the beginners, you will find some great ways to get started. Remember our mandate here at Shanti Village is to provide free Detoxinformation on internal cleansing and detoxification.

We trust that the detox information contained on our website can be helpful to you or someone you know. We have personally tried and tested every cleansing therapy recommended on this site and encourage you to find out which of the programs will assist you in achieving your optimum state of wellbeing, the natural way.
Every year we do more research and post more free information, our mission is to steadily expand this site with well researched concise information to the benefit of your health.

Remember: "The only healer that can heal you is YOU!"
Blessings and may peace be with you.
Yours truly, in good health.
Your Shanti Village Team

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